Following CDC youth sports guidelines and best practices, below are SGSL's pandemic-related guidelines:   

Individual Health Assessments
Individuals, including coaches, umpires, players, and family members, should stay home if they have tested positive for the coronavirus or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 disease.  Anyone who feels sick or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days should not attend practices or games. 

Parents or guardians of players should conduct regular temperature checks and self-health assessments.  Be on the lookout for symptoms of COVID-19 and call your doctor if you or a family member is sick.  Any coach, umpire or player who exhibits or reports the following COVID-19 symptoms is prohibited from participating in games and practices:  

  • Fever (≥99.5º F) or chills  
  • Respiratory symptoms (coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing)  
  • Loss of sense of taste or smell                      
  • Muscle or body aches  
  • Profound fatigue 
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea                                                       

Please notify your coach and SGSL immediately regarding any coach, umpire, player, or family member who tests positive for the coronavirus or has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (regardless of test results). SGSL will abide by any recommendations for isolation or quarantine of any individuals as directed by local and federal public health officials. 

Any player with a significant medical condition or with a vulnerable or high-risk family member at home (e.g., serious heart or lung disease, active cancer or chemotherapy, immunocompromised) is discouraged from participating in SGSL this season. 

Cloth Face Coverings
SGSL has determined that the requirement for players to wear a cloth face covering outside during practices and games will be voluntary—not mandatory.
Wearing a cloth face covering is most important when physical distancing is difficult. Players and coaches will be asked to bring a cloth face covering to utilize when physical distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained.  During practices and games, players and coaches are advised to wear cloth face coverings when closer than 6 feet to one another.  However, we do not recommend players wear cloth face coverings while actively playing and running during games and practices, so as not to restrict their breathing during this aerobic activity.

If physically able, umpires are also encouraged to wear cloth face coverings. 

During games, parents and other spectators are strongly encouraged to wear a cloth face covering and to sit far enough apart to allow for appropriate physical distancing measures. 

Please remember to cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow when necessary. 


  • Players must bring their own mitts/gloves and uniform (jersey, visor, and socks will be provided - players must obtain the required black pants and sneakers/ cleats) to each game.
  • Practice and game softballs will be provided.  As there is no feasible way to prevent shared contact and/or regular sanitization of softballs during play, we advise parents and guardians to remind their players of the importance of not touching their eyes, noses, and mouths while playing, and to use hand sanitizer frequently and routinely throughout games and practices.
  • SGSL will provide a bat and a batting helmet to each player to "borrow" for the duration of the 2020 season.  Players will be responsible for the borrowed equipment, including bringing the equipment with them to each practice and game, sanitizing the equipment, and returning the equipment to SGSL at the end of the season.  
  • Each game will have 2 designated catchers, who will be provided with their own set of catcher's gear to use throughout the entirety of the game.  Catcher's gear will not be shared during a game.  Catcher's gear will be sanitized by the coaches at the end of each game.  
  • Each game will have 2 designated pitchers, who will be provided with their own pitcher/fielder's mask to use throughout the entirety of the game.  Pitcher/ fielder's masks will not be shared during a game.  Pitcher/fielder's masks will be sanitized by the coaches at the end of each game.
  • In lieu of using SGSL equipment, players may bring and use their own personal bats, helmets, fielder's masks, or other gear.  Players may not share their personal equipment with any other players.  Please make certain that all personal equipment is properly labeled.
  • No personal bat bags or equipment is allowed in the dugout.  
  • Equipment should be spaced accordingly outside the dugout along the baselines to avoid direct contact.  
  • Each team will maintain its own game balls during the course of a game while on defense. A minimum of 2 game balls will be on hand by each team for this purpose.  
  • Players should bring their own hand sanitizer – we encourage all players and coaches to clean their hands frequently.  The CDC recommends hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Players should bring their own water bottle or beverage to practices and games. Sharing of beverages or snacks among players, coaches, or other participants is strictly prohibited.  Labeling of all food and beverage items is recommended.  
  • Restrooms will not be available unless cleared for public use by the Village of Shorewood and the North Shore Health Department. Please plan accordingly.

Coaches and players will adhere to a “no touch” rule during practices or games. This includes no: 

  • Handshakes
  • High-fives 
  • Hands-in cheers 
  • Fist bumps
  • Hugs
  • Other physical contact  

Exceptions to the no touch rule may occur during games and scrimmages when the ball is in the field of play.  Other exceptions may be when a player needs instruction that requires physical interaction with a coach (e.g., batting stance, pitching, etc.), at which times both player and coach are advised to wear their cloth face covering.  At all other times, coaches and players will attempt to maintain a safe physical distance from one another (approximately 6 feet) at all times.

During games, only four 4 players, coaches, and a parent volunteer are allowed in the dugout at one time. The remaining players will be positioned behind the fence parallel to the baselines at predesignated distances of approximately 6 feet.  
Phase C of the North Shore Reopening Plan issued by the North Shore Health Department recommends a maximum of 50 people at a gathering.  
Spectators who do not live in the same household are encouraged to physically distance from one another when seated in the bleachers or elsewhere around the venue.  Spectators are also encouraged to bring their own portable chairs or other seating arrangements to games to help achieve appropriate physical distancing.  

When arriving to or departing from games or practices, parents, guardians, and players should exit immediately and refrain from congregating in common areas in or around the venue.  No postgame team meetings are allowed. 

Parents or guardians of players should avoid carpools or otherwise transporting other non-family membersto games or practices.  

Players, coaches, umpires, and spectators are prohibited from openly chewing gum, seeds or other similar food products, at or around games and practices.  

Players may bring an individual snack and beverage to games and practices.


Senior League and Travel League

Due to low enrollment this season, there will only be 2 Senior League teams this summer.  Coaches will work together to manage practices, scrimmages and local games with a mix of all players.  

Arrangements have been made for Senior League players to also participate in a "Travel League."  For Travel League games, a group of players will be picked weekly to travel with the coaches and play teams from other nearby areas.  

There will be 5 Travel League games: 2 home games and 3 away games.  The away games will be played in Grafton, Whitefish Bay, and Cedarburg.  Please notify your player's coach if you do not want her to participate in the Travel League and/or if you do not feel comfortable with her traveling to one of these away venues.


SGSL will continue follow to public health guidelines as provided by the Village, State and Federal government agencies to address any issues that may arise.

If you have a specific question about these guidelines, or for more information, please contact Liz Escobar at 414-841-0167. 

Print .PDF file with SGSL 2020 Season Pandemic Guidelines  here.

Before you attend the first practice or game (whatever comes first), you need to sign the SGSL COVID Waiver 2020 form. 

You can also find more information at the following websites: your paragraph here.

League and Team Sponsors

Thank you to our league and team sponsors this year! Their generous support allows us to purchase new equipment, provide team building opportunities and all the little things that make this league work.​​

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